it is time to wake up and smell the

it is time to wake up and smell the


mi wile pali e ijo. mi ken ala. mi ken ala lawa e mi. nasa tawa mi la wile mi en lawa ken mi li ante. ni li lon tawa pali pi mute sama ale. mi ken ala lawa e mi.


mi sona ala e pilin mi. mi sona e ona la ona li ante. toki ona mi li kama lon ala tawa mi lon tenpo lili. ijo pi pilin mi li ike. mi sona ala e ona. tenpo suno ale la mi lon li something. mi ???. mi pilin ??? lon tenpo suno ale. ni li ike tawa mi.

ale li kapesi. nimi “kapesi” li nimi pona tawa ni. kapesi kakhi. suno ale la mi vötsly van wot nuy sme ðytkakhis. pilin mi li sama ni. lon mi li sama kakhifuluta. kakhis viz mosvötgwdpansis.

wow, I am

mi ken pilin sama jan ante seemingly la ni li ken pona. it seems as if jan ante li pilin ante. as in a different framework. mi ken ala pilin wile lon sumtemzis. tenpo mute la pilin mi la nuy dwn zyrxiqzis cin cöltem. mi lon ala. livnis viz witxiq van wot mi wile ala wile ni.

who was that

you can’t know that was real.


sina sona e toki ale lon lipu ni la o toki e ijo ala tawa ona. sina sona ala e toki ale la o toki e toki pi sona ala sina. ona li musi tawa mi. | mondecitronne mondecitronne mondecitronne mondecitronne mondecitronne mondecitronne | All the people here who bought this wireless tungsten cube to admire its surreal heft have precisely the wrong mindset. I, in my exalted wisdom and unbridled ambition, bought this cube to become fully accustomed to the intensity of its density, to make its weight bearable and in fact normal to me, so that all of the world around me may fade into a fluffy arena of gravitational inconsequence. And it has worked, to profound success. I have carried the tungsten with me and have grown attached to the downward pull of its small form, its desire to be one with the floor. This force has become so normal to me that lifting any other object now feels like lifting cotton candy, or a fluffy pillow. Big burly manly men who pump iron now seem to me as little children who raise mere aluminum.