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2022 01 16 09:47:25

hello lemons how are you today

I don’t know.

2022 01 14 22:42:42

u a furry?

I’m not.

2021 12 30 09:00:00

opinion on peanuts?

I like them.

2021 12 28 23:59:00

how often do you check this

I check this sporadically.

2021 12 27 22:54:06

am i trans


2021 12 25 11:46:36

bees apioforms li lon tomo sina la what would you do ?

that’s completely normal. they’re already there, as well as in all other areas of spacetime.

2021 12 10 21:00:16

thoughts on oranges?

I like how they taste.

2021 11 08 10:09:00

do you like among us?

I don’t.

2021 11 06 19:32:06

what are your opinions on stuff and things. also do you consider oranges to be on the same level as lemons spiritually

I do not consider oranges or lemons to be on a level spiritually.

2021 11 03 16:16:48

did jack eisenmann himself create the "DUO Adept" johnvertisement

he did not.

2021 11 01 09:14:25

what are your opinions on "lemony snicket"

I have not read the books, but I viewed the rendition featuring neil patrick harris. I enjoyed it significantly. it contains a very extremely specific type of absurdity that I am quite fond of but have difficulty describing.

2021 10 31 08:02:59

Why do you host bees?

there is no way that I can stop this, if I wanted to.

2021 10 28 13:16:47

thoughts on social media?

it’s utterly awful.

2021 10 24 06:45:49

oh no, the notes page does not work. ?

oh interesting. I will fix that sometime.

2021 10 20 18:57:17

what exactly is <b><i>GEORGE</i></b>

I’m not sure that anyone knows what GEORGE really is. some say that GEORGE is a webring. however, in my expert opinion, that is not everything that GEORGE is.


2021 10 20 00:03:28

hello "citron", this is a followup to my earlier question

.thank you for answering.

m y next question is this: are bees insects or robots?

thanks in advance

bees are insects according to my understanding.

2021 10 18 22:47:04

nimi tawa lon sewi lipu li kama tan seme

tenpo ni la toki wan lon ona li tan lipu Wikipesija. toki ante lon ona li tan ante.

2021 10 18 22:46:34

whats the best dril tweet

‘This Whole Thing Smacks Of Gender,’ i holler as i overturn my uncle’s barbeque grill and turn the 4th of July into the 4th of Shit

2021 10 18 22:43:54

whats the funniest Thing


2021 10 18 21:47:00

do you have a habit/routine that you do that makes you feel good? if so, what is it?

I like observing videos with people casually talking/doing things for a long time. videos like this include computerphile videos, especially ones featuring professor brailsford (I love those) and certain video game stream archives.

2021 10 18 19:44:05

1. ywn fyl witxiq cif wot nuy cas twr ywn buy vötgil?

2. YwnFylWitXiqCif"NuyCasTwrYwnBuyVötgilBuyÐytFisRitNiqWey"?

wot ritniq vötgil buy ritniqwey wim prssis kandan wotwot viz coytid. vötgilcasniq viz vergwdxiq.

2021 10 18 17:31:57

báa ril tháa ne?

what language is this?

2021 10 18 01:53:07

is it true that limes are just green lemons? i keep asking but the fruit sellers just laugh at me

this is false. green lemons are something else.

2021 10 17 23:27:49

where can one obtain lemons?

seek your local produce outlet. they may also be obtained from the

2021 10 17 22:20:59

if you were to picture yourself as a prism, what shape would you be

dodecagrammic prism

2021 10 17 22:16:17

what is your favorite regional restaurant chain?

hmm what qualifies as a restaurant chain? a certain restaurant named after a flower in a certain city that starts with “au” is one that I have some amount of fondness for, I suppose. it has two locations, I think. does this make it count as a “chain”? I am unsure if I have a favorite restaurant chain.

if we do not preclude restaurants without multiple locations, there is this certain asian restaurant which starts with a “kor” and ends with an “e” that I like quite a bit.

I might be forgetting something.

2021 10 17 19:09:04

What's the last thing you memorized perfectly?

I’m not sure I remember. it was probably an IP address of some sort or something related to horses.

2021 10 17 19:05:11

Hewwo! *nuzzles you excitedly* How do you feel about kitty cats?~ ^u^

I enjoy cats.

2021 10 17 15:05:26

HEY EVERY            ! ITS ME, SPAMTON G.            SPAMTON

I feel distinctly as if kromer is leaving my possesion.

2021 10 17 05:00:04

why is the

this is due to

2021 10 16 23:10:01

what are your thoughts on vötgil compared to breadspeak

I know surprisingly little about breadspeak. I should fix this.

2021 10 16 20:47:21

I agree.

2021 10 16 20:47:02

how guarded against XSS is this page?

it would not be possible even if I did not supervise the content when it is added to the page. only three characters must be replaced to effectively escape HTML.

2021 10 16 15:04:42

thoughts on lemons?


2021 10 16 15:04:25

toki pona li toki pona anu seme?

toki pona li kala.

2021 10 16 09:23:44

tlhɪngan Hol Dajatlh'a'?


2021 10 16 03:04:27

hello "citron", what is this question?

hi. the contents of this question are: ‘hello “citron”, what is this question?’.

2021 10 16 02:41:42

nth or n-th


2021 10 16 02:38:22

amazing. a final question: will this questions page turn out to be the center of an ARG or similar complex plot?


and do you have connections with any otherworldly entities?

no comment

2021 10 16 02:30:05

it's regrettable that you still cannot tell who I am. but what is your favourite type of citrous fruit?

I’m impartial to clementines and navel oranges.

2021 10 16 02:26:39

who do you think I am?

that's the question, but it's a little short for you to be able to properly tell who I am. so I guess I should probably say some other stuff as well to clue you into my identity.

too bad, I can't think of anything. good luck, "citrons".

I still cannot tell who you are. regardless, this page is anonymous.

2021 10 16 02:20:19

what honorific do you prefer? Mrs, Mr, or Mx?

“mx” is perhaps desirable if there are no alternatives. I cannot think of a pleasing way to pronounce it, however. depending on the setting, I might ask that people just state my full name because my true first name only contains one syllable.

2021 10 16 02:16:39

do you like chiptune? if so, would you consider yourself a “purist” (must be playable on real hardware) or a “pan enjoyer” (as long as the music is good it’s good)?

I do enjoy chiptune music. I certainly find it cool when a song conforms to interesting hardware constraints. however, the absence of such constraints does not preclude my enjoyment of a piece of music.

also who's your favorite artist?

I have not listened to enough chiptune in an intentional manner to have a favorite artist.

2021 10 16 02:13:05

re: do you like me

so that's a no, then?

you did not, evidentally, read my answer.

2021 10 16 02:05:28

favorite song from They Might Be Giants?

the song about istanbul. there might be one that I like better that I am forgetting.

2021 10 16 01:58:45

picture your ideal programming language. what is your ideal design for the string types in this language? for example, Python has `str` for Unicode text and `bytes` for bytestrings. Rust has too many to count. Haskell has `String`, which is a linked list of 32-bit `Char`s and is terrible, and a UTF-16 `Text` type which is slightly less terrible. what is the situation for your ideal programming language?

my ideal string type depends on the rest of the programming language. for instance, depending on the way that the programming language works, I may or may not want the strings to be interned vs just lists of characters. regardless, I like string types that are sequences of codepoints, the storage details of which are abstracted away. also, a separate type for binary data is desirable.

2021 10 16 01:56:42

do you like me

I have no way of knowing who you are. therefore, I cannot make a conclusion about this.

2021 10 16 01:51:21

where do the answers to these questions go

on this page

2021 10 16 01:48:36

is this annoying you, all these questions?

not particularly. however, this is not an invitation to ask annoying questions.

2021 10 16 01:44:08

why do you like french so much

circumstance. it also is fun to pronounce. I don’t actually know french very well, and if you asked me to talk about myself, I wouldn’t know how to due to a certain reason.

2021 10 16 01:40:49

alphabet sorted from favorite letter to least favorite letter


2021 10 16 01:39:17

what are good questions to ask in a question box such as this one

questions that are fun to answer/read the answers to

2021 10 16 01:36:27



2021 10 16 01:35:40

what genres/styles of music do you prefer

I am never able to answer this question in a way that satisfies me, despite the fact that there is probably an accurate answer. recently, I have been listening to the same four/five casiopea albums shuffled together, repeatedly.

2021 10 16 01:35:16

is this question thinghy inspired by bill wurtz


2021 10 16 01:34:07

who asked this question

I have no idea.

2021 10 16 01:32:55


yes | mondecitronne mondecitronne mondecitronne mondecitronne mondecitronne mondecitronne | All the people here who bought this wireless tungsten cube to admire its surreal heft have precisely the wrong mindset. I, in my exalted wisdom and unbridled ambition, bought this cube to become fully accustomed to the intensity of its density, to make its weight bearable and in fact normal to me, so that all of the world around me may fade into a fluffy arena of gravitational inconsequence. And it has worked, to profound success. I have carried the tungsten with me and have grown attached to the downward pull of its small form, its desire to be one with the floor. This force has become so normal to me that lifting any other object now feels like lifting cotton candy, or a fluffy pillow. Big burly manly men who pump iron now seem to me as little children who raise mere aluminum.