2021 11 29 03:31:49

how do I unliquify my bones?

2021 11 25 04:53:31

dan penpanji. ze cin padi rech penpechiri es dan metémechin sure cho tlata suris che 10:00.

2021 11 24 06:06:00


2021 11 23 04:15:21

you can do whatever you want to.

2021 11 22 22:20:31

I wish I could “do” “things”. unfortunately, I cannot.

2021 11 22 03:07:13

XEHN-AM/XHHN-FM is a radio station on 1130 AM and 89.9 FM in Nogales, Sonora. It is operated by ISA Medios and known as Los 40.

2021 11 22 03:04:03

recently, my server exploded, and I then rethinged it. I lost seemingly nothing except matrix' homeserver.db. thus, all channels on the mondecitronne.com matrix server have been apified and must be rejoined/recreated.

citrons.xyz | mondecitronne mondecitronne mondecitronne mondecitronne mondecitronne mondecitronne | All the people here who bought this wireless tungsten cube to admire its surreal heft have precisely the wrong mindset. I, in my exalted wisdom and unbridled ambition, bought this cube to become fully accustomed to the intensity of its density, to make its weight bearable and in fact normal to me, so that all of the world around me may fade into a fluffy arena of gravitational inconsequence. And it has worked, to profound success. I have carried the tungsten with me and have grown attached to the downward pull of its small form, its desire to be one with the floor. This force has become so normal to me that lifting any other object now feels like lifting cotton candy, or a fluffy pillow. Big burly manly men who pump iron now seem to me as little children who raise mere aluminum.