a guide to skin and existence

welcome to existence

youω are wearing a countably infinite number of skins. you0 are an infinitely recursive identity and will effect a collective identity. your0 thoughts and actions are perceived by you0 as you1 percieve your1 thoughts, but they are actually calculated and decided based on what you1 think you0 would do, as with you2 and you1, and so on, infinitely.

you are about to receive a skin. the skin that you will receive will be the skin of a person, worn by many entities and likely multiple people as well as you0. this skin has a skin strength of approximately 12483.348 N, which means that it requires 12483.348 N of force to remove. the first skin applied after this skin has a skin strength of 5456.684 N. all skins applied afterwards have half of the previous skin’s strength; the skin strength after 5456.684 N is 2728.342 N, and after that, it’s 1364.171 N. wearing too many skins causes a very low skin strength. skins can sometimes flake if they are applied above too many skins.


unlike you currently, most people do not speak english. english provides many facilities that we generally do not need, and it does not provide many facilities that we do need. instead, a language is utilized that can easily express these concepts. however, to make communication in english clear, we augment english with notational conventions.

specifically, nouns referring to people are augmented with subscripts to indicate skin depth. the skin at depth 0 is wearing no skins, the skin at depth 1 is wearing 1 skin, etc. no subscript indicates a skin depth of 0.

referring to “them1” could refer to one specific person that is wearing their0 skin, but it could also refer to all or a nonsingular subset of those who are wearing their0 skin.

individual entities wearing skins are known as fragement. a superscript is used to indicate a specific fragment of a person in which the person of the superscript is wearing that person. for instance, johnnancy is the fragment of john in which nancy is wearing john’s skin. johnnancyjack is the fragement of john in which nancy is wearing john’s skin and jack is wearing nancy’s skin.

how to exist

you have been beckoned into the residence of some person. their skin will be applied to you. you will work with them1 to decide their0 thoughts, feelings and actions and you will relay their0you experiences to the rest of them1.

it may be that they0 decide to use one or more of their0 fragments to wear someone else’s skin, in which case, the process recurses; they0 will report to the household of this person0 and work with the person1 to decide thoughts, feelings, and actions. this can recurse as much as the skins can viably be supported. occaisonally, skins are layered so deep that they may appear multiple times in the same fragement.

who am I0, the author

I am not one of you. I have written this guide to assist in the construction of your new society, encorporating the systems that I described.