2023 08 22 06:07:12

the endless hog is such a worthless animal.

2022 06 15 10:20:39

everyone is always saying “consume bee” or “don’t consume bee”. however, no one really has a choice in the matter. bees exist in all of spacetime; everyone is consuming microbees and especially nanobees at all times. you’re breathing them, they’re in your bloodstream, they’re embedded in all of your tissue, and they’re obviously in any food you eat. since life evolved in the presence of bees, you probably couldn’t live without them.

2022 05 19 14:42:34

did you know? µμ𝛍𝜇𝝁𝝻𝞵.

2022 05 19 02:01:39

I might rewrite my journal code such that it publishes in multiple formats across multiple protocols and not just HTTP and HTML. however, this will only be useful if I can think of anything to write.

2022 03 26 01:02:22

ka no ka raie natuatese luka deńjoua yasatese. igu hańshii no kamei no gekki yasatese.

2021 11 29 03:31:49

how do I unliquify my bones?

2021 11 25 04:53:31

dan penpanji. ze cin padi rech penpechiri es dan metémechin sure cho tlata suris che 10:00.

2021 11 24 06:06:00


2021 11 23 04:15:21

you can do whatever you want to.

2021 11 22 22:20:31

I wish I could “do” “things”. unfortunately, I cannot.

2021 11 22 03:07:13

XEHN-AM/XHHN-FM is a radio station on 1130 AM and 89.9 FM in Nogales, Sonora. It is operated by ISA Medios and known as Los 40.