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garfield - 2020-11-02

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jon observes garfield engaging in a seemingly effectless and repetitive action. he is clicking what appears to be a specific button on a remote control device. jon looks to the side, almost as if he knows that we're there, and he inquires; what purpose could this serve?

garfield communicates the answer to this question in the typical manner. he engages in what is presented as internal monologue, but is typically shown to be understood by those in the situation, or at least jon. he states his intentions.

"trying to fast-forward to friday"

there are two ways to interpret this situation:

  1. garfield has the ability to "fast-forward" to different days of the week, or at least friday, via a television remote
  2. garfield is engaging in a symbolic action, perhaps a ritual
we will explore these options now.

garfield has the ability to "fast-forward"

it may surprise you, but this interpretation actually has precedent. garfield has demonstrated that he has access to very powerful remote controls in the past. in this interpretation, his fast-forwarding likely only occurs from his perspective. it looks foolish to jon, as he is an outside observer, but from the perspective of garfield, time is moving faster, and he is reaching friday at a significantly faster pace.

garfield once again subtlely asserts his vast power, and once again jon is oblivious. it is time and time again that jon underestimates garfield. here it is harmless, but jon has often experienced the consequences for his insolence, but he never learns.

garfield is engaging in a symbolic action

in this interpretation, garfield is not physically fast-forwarding to friday; it is instead a spiritual or symbolic process. garfield may be attempting to cope with the crushing monotony of the arbuckle household. it may be a meditative ritual, with garfield fixing his attention on a single focal point and performing a repetitive action, preventing his focus from escaping him.

in this interpretation too, jon displays his insolence. he does not leave garfield in peace; he instead casts judgemental looks and pesters him with questions. it seems that jon is simply incapable of allowing garfield respite from painful eternity and instead must belittle and annoy him. truly pitiful.