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garfield - 2020-11-03

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today, garfield observes the weather, as he has done in the past. he states that he is fond of the sound of rain. he reveals to us his observation: the rain sounds like the steam escaping during the preparation of bacon, a sound that garfield is very fond of. his fondness of the rain is due to its capability of producing this pleasant sound.

an interesting attribute of the contemporary garfield viewer is its social features: it is complete with a like and comment system for each strip. when perusing the comment section for this installment, I happened upon a keen commenter making an interesting observation.

He’s contradicting himself because in a strip that came out decades ago he said he hated rain. He then said he hated spiders more than he hates rain.

I actually recalled the aforementioned strip, but I definitely could not recall what date the strip was released on. so, I utilized the wondrous garfield search engine. searching for "I hate rain" produces two results, which include the strip mentioned by the commenter.

  1. 1981-06-29
  2. 1982-02-21

in this first result, garfield states that "happiness is only a fair weather friend". garfield expresses his disdain for the dreariness of rain, as an onlooker. perhaps this commenter is correct in their analysis, as this is clearly a contradiction; one cannot love rain and hate rain simultaneously.

but I think that the analysis of this as a contradiction may be a bit too simplistic. as the commenter said themself, it has been decades. I think that garfield may have grown to appreciate rain; perhaps he has grown less cynical, and in the second result, as mentioned by the commentator, he states that he hates spiders more than he hates rain, and he proceeds to immerse himself within it. perhaps, in this moment, garfield is moved, ever so slightly, away from his hatred of rain, perhaps realizing that it may not be as bad as he thought.

after all, everyone's opinions change, especially over such a period of time, and garfield probably isn't an exception. although he is often strongly and abstractly opinionated, I believe this may be the case nonetheless.