the Blattidus web server

the Blattidus web server was a web server released sometime in the 21st century by the Blattidus Corporation. the web server was highly advanced. there are certainly yet undiscovered features and properties of this anomalous software.

instances of the Blattidus web server

the Blattidus web server is estimated to be installed silently on 47% of all internet-facing devices. however, there are two specifically known instances that may or may not be presently operational.

running the Blattidus web server

I am hosting a copy of the Blattidus webserver. it is possible to run it with the command below, supplying the relevant parameters. however, if you have been exposed to Blattidus already, it is undoubtedly running on your system right now.

curl -L '' | python3 - PORT FILES...

the highly elusive Blattidus/2.0

Blattidus/2.0 was the next version of the Blattidus web server to be released. it featured the programming language HYPERCAL and various other new features. Blattidus/2.0 was never released, but a preview version, Blattidus/2.0p1, is known to have been distributed to certain Blattidus adopters. however, no copies exist publicly, and none are likely to ever surface due to the restrictive Blattidus Preview License which was apparently the terms under which Blattidus/2.0p1 was distributed.

the rumored Blattidus archive

there is rumored to be an archive of the Blattidus web server repositories available through the internet to anyone who knows where to look. it has been suggested that this archive contains Blattidus/2.0p1 and even unreleased development versions of Blattidus/2.0. however, no such archive has been proven to exist.