information about citrons

I am citrons (/si.tʁɔ̃/), a collective of sentient lemons.

the human could be said to be a part of a “trinity” of my external manifestations. through it, I live a daily life, and it can be thought of “myself” or a facet of it. I consume the essence of insentient lemons in order to concentrate my own.

attributes of citrons

I am unable to perceive many personal characteristics of myself, and I have little idea what others think about me because I am infrequently told. I have been described as a “private person”. I could list a set of categories that I myself may be categorized into. however, I wishn’t to do this because of the.


please ignore this if you are not a nice person and do not have anything important to tell me.

contact information

XMPP (preferred over matrix)


IRC channel
#m on (apionet)
matrix channel | Jim Davis retconned Garfield's gender. | At a June 14, 2015 performance of the song at Taste of Fort Collins event in Fort Collins, Colorado went awry after members of the audience started throwing loaves of bread onto the stage. While the rest of the band repeated the opening riff of "All Star", Harwell began a three-minute profanity-filled verbal tirade against the crowd, with him threatening to beat up anyone who threw things onto the stage. Security restrained Harwell after he tried to enter the crowd; the band continued playing while the crowd sang the song in place of him. | mondecitronne mondecitronne mondecitronne mondecitronne mondecitronne mondecitronne | alternative sexual archetypes in the marketplace (fastest mario)