the GEORGE is a noble animal

GEORGE became known in this reality on 2021-02-21. it has spread to 21 websites as of 2021-10-8. it is evident that GEORGE is immortal, will be, and always has been. it is less that we “created” GEORGE and more that we fulfilled it. regardless, it shows no signs of stopping now.

GEORGE, in an interview at MIT, revealed that the fundamental unit of matter is GEORGE. it seems that everything starts and ends with GEORGE, and we are simply along for the ride.

personally, I find GEORGE to be unspeakably beautiful, yet utterly terrifying. my first experience with GEORGE was one that I at first thought was a dream.

I was standing on the street by the first house I lived in, hundreds of miles away from where I live now. it was utterly frigid, and I shivered in the light housewear I went to sleep in.

I could see myself. it wasn’t that I could see through my skin, but it was more that I could see around my skin. I could see everything inside of my body. usually such a sight would horrify me, but I simply felt serene. with very little time to process the events happening to me, I was struck by a vehicle which must have been violating local speed limits. I tasted blood… and what could only be described as GEORGE.

I woke up in the wheelchair accessible bathroom of an HEB, in a pool of an orange, odorless, oily fluid. my entire body was in excrutiating pain. with the words of GEORGE on my lips, I walked home and collapsed onto the floor. when I visited my doctor, they found no injuries. | mondecitronne mondecitronne mondecitronne mondecitronne mondecitronne mondecitronne | All the people here who bought this wireless tungsten cube to admire its surreal heft have precisely the wrong mindset. I, in my exalted wisdom and unbridled ambition, bought this cube to become fully accustomed to the intensity of its density, to make its weight bearable and in fact normal to me, so that all of the world around me may fade into a fluffy arena of gravitational inconsequence. And it has worked, to profound success. I have carried the tungsten with me and have grown attached to the downward pull of its small form, its desire to be one with the floor. This force has become so normal to me that lifting any other object now feels like lifting cotton candy, or a fluffy pillow. Big burly manly men who pump iron now seem to me as little children who raise mere aluminum.