women from my dreams: mosaic woman

my dreams are frequently gay. sometimes, I meet interesting women in them. they are often of an ineffably ethereal quality, or in some cases, explicitly magical. meeting them is a thoroughly enjoyable experience, so I have decided to document them in order to preserve my encounters.

mosaic woman

in my dream, I was visiting a close acquaintance, my relationship with whom of unclear exact nature. her massive house was more akin to a breathtaking monument, intricate and utterly pristine, and of a seemingly impossible structure. within it, she was of the practice of being completely and casually nude.

she was almost unbelievably tall. she may have reached 7 feet in height. across the entire length of the right side of her body spanned a beautiful mosaic of a tattoo. the solid lines and abstract shapes were unrealistically crisp and exact, and the colors consisted of the most vivid oranges and blues.

her posture and body language was very interesting. there was a very specific way that she moved her hands as she talked, or just moved in general. I don’t think I ever focused much on her face in the dream, as her hands would always direct my attention elsewhere. I do not remember much of what her face looked like, but I remember that she kept her black hair in a ponytail, perhaps braided.

I do not remember many of the events of my dream, but it consisted predominantly of casual conversation and happenings. however, the end of the dream was rather unpleasant. my mother had stopped by, and in small talk, casually discussing recent ailments, she gestured to part of her head. as she turned her head, it revealed a part, perhaps up to a quarter, which appeared as if it had been sliced cleanly off, exposing the inside tissue.