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2024 04 13 23:35:19

The Wiki Encyclopedia link goes to a page. That page links to an archive. This archive contains links. One of these links is to a page that has an external link. That external link is to a page with an invite to a discord server. That invite does not work. This is never explained anywhere.

discord isn’t real. join apionet.

2024 04 11 19:46:29



2024 04 11 10:37:52

why are you interesting?

and also, what do you think about water being defined as "tasteless"?

i feel like i'm being lied to.

if taste is defined specifically as activation of the taste buds, I do not believe that water has a taste except insofar as corresponding to a level of contamination; water can assume unpleasant or pleasant tastes from its source or environment. that said, this definition of taste may be restrictive. for instance, I do believe “spiciness” is not something that taste buds detect but just a sensation that capsacin or other compounds produce by irritating the skin through chemesthesis. in this regard, taste may have a more expansive definition that incorporates other sensations of the tongue such as temperature, which is quite relevant in the case of water, causing the experience of drinking warm water to be quite different from the experience of drinking cold water. perhaps then, the two taste different.

2024 04 09 20:47:52

what is your problem with text capitalization?

Does this sentence scare you?

What About This One?


  1. none
  2. no
  3. no
  4. no

maybe I should make my own version of this.

2024 04 08 06:42:41


  • miyazaki/ghibli
  • utena
  • serial experiments lain

2024 04 08 02:04:05

you plausibly know exactly who i am. there is no semantic information in this question that is useful or interesting or non-meta. it serves only to waste and waste and waste and wste and waste your time. i am evil.

I have guessed who you are. I find this vaguely amusing, so it hasn’t wasted my time.

2024 03 31 22:18:52

how large is your backlog of questions?

there were many questions I hadn’t answered. I’ve answered them now.

2024 03 19 06:26:37

do you play videogames?

I spend a lot of time playing video games. the game I have spent the most time playing is probably minecraft. there are many other video games I have played and like playing, but listing things is hard for me. I really like super mario games and splatoon even though they are nintendoid and thus are highly proprietary. I also like celeste and world of goo.

2024 03 18 01:07:55

not a question but i appreciate your writing style

thank you very much!

2024 03 16 12:47:11

whats your discord

I do not use discord, and I think that it is very bad.

2024 02 28 18:07:10

do you have any dietary requirements?

I was raised vegetarian and continue to be. I would never eat meat.

meat is morally nuanced. the act of eating it is not unethical in and of itself. if a chicken nugget is presented to you, the chicken is in the nugget. eating it or not eating it doesn’t change that. in fact, not eating it is wasteful and thus perhaps eating it would be the better thing to do. however, the practices largely used to produce meat may be unethical and probably largely are. so abetting the production of meat might be unpreferable. I do not judge people for the choices they make about this, though, since there is no ethical consumption under capitalism.

regarding the health effects of meat, I don’t pretend to be an expert, but I believe I avoid many health detriments and risks by not eating meat.

ultimately, however, regardless of morality or health concerns, I find the prospect of eating a carcas to be disgusting and would like to avoid doing it.

2024 02 19 05:45:34

Do you feel that the publication of works generated in part or in whole by generative neural networks trained on public internet posts is immoral in all cases? If not, in what cases do you feel such use is acceptable? If so, what conditions would the development of a network need to meet to be, in your eyes, morally palatable?

Relatedly, do you concur with my distaste for the term "Artificial Intelligence" to refer to such networks from a semantic perspective? You seem like the sort to make much ado about semantics.

it’s morally neutral. it’s only unethical if it’s unethical otherwise. is it used to disenfranchise people? does it use undue amounts of energy or other resources? does it strain or spam public services such as search engines?

I do believe “AI” is a counterproductive term. it’s a buzzword and is used to obscure information. it is mostly meaningless.

2024 02 17 20:26:22

how quick have passed the last four months for you

they’ve done so in about four months time.

2024 02 17 13:34:50

2024 going ok for you?

it’s fine.

2024 02 01 18:52:52

what do you think Garfield would think of you?

I think that garfield wouldn’t think much of me.

2024 01 12 12:10:01

Where did wiki encyclopedia go?

it was stolen.

2024 01 10 04:59:41

do you pronounce the second f in "fifth"

not typically

2023 12 31 20:03:00

i enjoy your exploding trans

wait that's not a question

i enjoy your exploding trans?

yes, you enjoy my exploding trans. I stole it from someone.

2023 12 22 02:20:52

could you eat a bug?

I wouldn’t want to.

2023 12 20 21:38:01

what is your favorite johnvertisement

shot peening

2023 12 20 18:25:01

what's so worthless about the endless hog?

it is oh so, oh so endless.

2023 12 10 16:35:14

why the name lemonworld on your website it has nothing to do with lemons

it has everything to do with lemons.

2023 12 10 16:04:29

smallest amount of geese that, when congregated in a small area, you would find funny?


2023 12 06 04:43:25

how frequently do you consume ?

at semiregular intervals

2023 12 06 03:50:50

are you on a tree?

not often

2023 11 28 03:57:34

any movie recomendajatiaiotns

mulholland drive

2023 11 28 02:26:29

if there was some somewhat poorly constructed machine that took any number input, and you did not know what its output was, but you wanted to in some way break this machine, what number input would you give it?

eicar antivirus test file

2023 11 24 23:14:12

tenpo seme la sina lukin e waso? jan ni li seme tawa sina: ona li lukin mute e waso mute ante.

tenpo pi mute seme la sina toki tawa waso? o toki e tenpo wan ni.

waso li pona pona. tenpo mute ala la mi weka tan tomo. kin la mi weka tan tomo la waso mute ante li lon ala. mi wile lukin e waso mute li wile toki tawa ona. taso mi ni ala lon tenpo ni.

2023 11 20 20:38:59

kala o moku ala moku e kala

sona mi la lon la kala li ken wile moku e kala. ni la ona li kama ni. ona li moku ala e kala la ona li moli. ni la ona o moku.

2023 11 18 04:25:43

how many legs is too many legs


2023 11 17 15:30:31

sent from wii

good, although I think I sent this. I can’t remember.

2023 11 16 19:45:42

what software stores these questions?

a CGI script dumps them into a text file.

2023 11 14 10:51:12

how do you recommend one is to learn toki pona? or alternatively how did you learn toki pona?

I believe this is good.

2023 11 14 02:14:57

video games?

I like video games.

2023 11 14 01:40:08

what vim plugins do you use

easymotion, pencil, vimwiki

2023 11 13 05:35:26

how do you remember to ever answer questions that are asked to you

well, it’s always on my mind, but whether or not I do it depends on the amount of motivation I have.

2023 11 12 22:37:06

does gödel's incompleteness theorems make you sad?

I’m not sure if it does. it’s almost kind of exciting. it makes things more interesting, that mathematics could never be “completed”, like a video game.

2023 11 12 17:42:57

what do you do to acquire the money that you use to acquire the lemons that you have admitted to eating? or do you acquire them through a means other than via purchase (if so what means?)?

monthly average lemon intake, approximately?

other people acquire them for me, using their money.

2023 11 11 21:26:22

lukin sina li wawa ala wawa? ijo li lili anu ona li weka la sina ken ala ken lukin pona e ona? sina kepeken ala kepeken ilo lukin?

sona mi la lukin mi li wawa. mi ken lukin e ijo weka e ijo poka.

2023 10 27 09:46:16

what are your favorite non-interactive audiovisual media to consume?

I should make a full list sometime.

2023 10 26 22:32:48

What's wrong with inconsistency? Why do you not like that reality, as you put it, "presents a fractal of self-inconsistency"?

I’m expressing that reality is a inscrutable, and it is in a way that’s really hard to describe. I wish it was more scrutible.

2023 10 26 17:11:44

how long have you lemons


2023 10 24 07:19:06

how many lemons, per week,


2023 10 24 02:13:48

do you assign a particular moral value to the acquisition of truth, or, if you prefer, approaching an understanding of the world? ie, should we aim to understand the world as a means to achieve other ends, or as an end in and of itself? (or should we not even aim to understand the world, i guess)

in my opinion, it only has moral value as a means to an end. however, it is worthwhile, valuable, and fun otherwise. so, we should both do it as a means to an end but also because it is enriching. but it is not a moral duty.

2023 10 24 01:59:14

Iif a stranger in the street walked up to you and asked, “what is an apioform?”, how would you respond?

I might fear it, depending on the context. I’d get away as soon as possible. (how would they know who I am in that regard short of stalking me?)

2023 10 20 13:22:39

what are your opinions on rather advanced javascript frameworks (nextjs, nuxt, remix, things of that nature?)

they are abhorrent.

2023 10 19 18:13:58

say something controversial or a hot take


2023 10 01 17:52:48

how does this form work and could it be adapted to allow arbitrary commenting on individual pages?

it’s a very simple CGI script. it parses the HTML form and dumps it into a text file. it couldn’t, really.

2023 09 30 05:46:29

when you don’t answer a question, do you keep it? or is it deleted?

I answer most questions. I keep all of them.

2023 09 25 21:56:35

what are your comments/opinions on the first season of Initial D?

I’ve not seen it.

2023 09 24 08:40:51

how are you

I’m fine.

2023 09 22 08:16:37

are you still extant

I do still exist.

2023 09 03 03:02:24

have you ever used the word “postceding”? would you? what are your thoughts regarding this word?

I’ve used it multiple times. it is a useful word.

2023 09 02 23:44:32

how frequently do you ingest chemicals for purposes other than so sustenance?

thrice daily

2023 08 22 23:13:49

what is an ip address that may have been assigned to the computer you were using at some point in the future, or past

2023 08 22 12:28:38

How many cheeseburgers on average?


2023 08 19 00:40:35

what am i looking at

what is this community

who is george

what are johnvertisements

please explain

there is not much else to explain except that which is already explained on their respective homepages. please enjoy your perusal!

2023 08 16 05:50:40

whats ur opinion on the phrase "chronic traumatic encephalopathy," solely as a collection of syllables (like devoid of meaning)

I enjoy these phonæsthetics.

2023 07 23 18:07:21

is john real or is he merely a figment of our imaginations

john is real.

2023 07 08 01:30:38

what is your favourite type of fire extinguisher

I’m not privy to all of the kinds.

2023 07 01 14:27:44

think of any card in a deck of cards. now change your mind. now change your mind again. what did you settle on?

queen of hearts

2023 07 01 14:12:36

in what country do you live?

I live in the united states.

2023 06 12 08:54:06


or tits?


2023 06 05 14:48:48

*will* you press several random keys on your keyboard in a chaotic manner in response to this question

I’m not sure that I will.

2023 05 30 02:38:30

whats some music you dont like?

annoying music people put in annoying youtube videos and the like

2023 05 27 08:30:35

it's not a coincidence, i bought them because you recommended them

oh, haha, I forgot that I did.

2023 05 24 22:33:46

what headphones do you use

oneodio pro-10. my girlfriend actually uses the same model of headphones by coïncidence.

2023 05 23 19:30:18

what do you do, generally speaking?

largely nothing

2023 05 22 19:17:37

can i use the things on from your youtube channel in my creative projects

yes, with attribution.

2023 05 22 00:17:09

what is your favourite complex number with magnitude less than 10 with a nonzero imaginary and real part


2023 05 21 18:16:39

do you dislike requests/questions beginning with “can you”? if not, why did you respond to them all with “I could”?

I don’t. I did not have the energy to produce responses to the same genre of question. I don’t respond to commands unconditionally.

2023 05 20 05:33:41

can you press several random keys on your keyboard in a chaotic manner in response to this question

I could.

2023 05 20 01:59:19

Do you prefer polar coordinates or Cartesian coordinates, and why,

cartesian coordinates are more generally useful.

2023 05 18 06:13:24

if i told you it was me who had asked all the questions you have answered would you believe me

I wouldn’t.

2023 05 17 22:07:18

you write things sometimes in english and toki pona. however, there is a third language that you will occasionally write using. what is this language?

ywn duzsey baw vötgil? vötgil viz funleq. ywn cwdlrn baw ðytleq. ywn kwdlöslrn baw nuywey vun vötgilseyniq.

2023 05 17 08:21:05

tenpo pi mute seme la sina lukin e kala? o toki e tenpo wan ni.

tenpo pi mute seme la sina toki tawa kala? sina toki ala tawa kala la, ni li tan seme?

mi lukin mute ala e kala. taso tenpo pini la mi lon ma kasi la lupa telo kala li lon. mi lukin e ona. mi toki lili tawa ona.

2023 05 17 07:56:33

favourite activity that you have never actually performed

interfacing with the oracle

2023 05 14 22:49:31

thoughts on garfield as an abstract concept,


2023 05 12 00:56:22

what is your favourite way to number

my favorite way to number is when the numbers fall away to something greater.

2023 05 09 12:03:41

do you have stairs in your house

I do.

2023 05 01 02:18:22

can you answer this question?

I could.

2023 05 01 02:18:04

can you not answer this question?

I could.

2023 04 30 18:23:15

whats the apion density at your location today

I am not sure I have such advanced means to measure the apions themselves.

2023 04 30 01:26:38

which category of entity is uranus best described as


2023 04 29 06:09:50

Who eated the lemons?


2023 04 27 17:23:50

what extensions (if any) do you use on your browser

browsing the web is utterly and egregiously intolerable without at least ublock origin and noscript. then, for QOL, I have pass-ff, tree tabs, and vimium.

vimium is often more annoying than it is helpful, though. extensions have basically no control over the actual UI of the browser, which means that extensions which aim to augment it in any appreciable way must be awful hacks. it is probably just better to use firefox’s builtin keybinds.

2023 04 27 02:37:00

can you reveal the region on the back of your hand near your thumb that pokes inward when you spread your hand forcefully or do a thumbs up, while the region in question is concave

I could.

2023 04 27 02:14:25

what is the longest (by time) period of walking and/or running you have experienced

probably not a very long time. I am way too sedentary.

2023 04 26 11:06:22

can you do an elbow reveal?

the elbow and someone else

2023 04 26 10:41:16

i stole question ideas from the bill wurtz question thingy would this be bad,

it’s not bad.

2023 04 26 10:38:45

how long is between you reading a question and you answering it?

usually not long

2023 04 26 04:36:46

how tall are you? please answer this question without using any coherent measurement system.

go outside. look left, look right, look up, and look down.

2023 04 25 23:19:59

digits 0 to 9 from worst to best?

9 5 4 6 8 3 0 2 1 7

2023 04 25 22:42:30

have you ever edited wikipedia? what are your thoughts on people who edit wikipedia? would you ever consider editing wikipedia?

editing wikipedia can be a great thing. I’ve edited wikipedia a few times before. I believe the last wikipedia edit I made was to the article for Jon Arbuckle. I edited out an unsourced claim that Jon Arbuckle performed a DIY appendectomy on himself. I happen to know that Arbuckle does indeed lack an appendix, but I do not recall any evidence of him having performed self-surgery.

2023 04 25 19:47:02

is a ' a letter

it depends.

2023 04 25 04:34:04

there is a button. if you press this button, your biological need to sleep will be completely removed, by magic. however, you will thereafter be unable to sleep. do you press the button? why?

if actually presented this opportunity, I would not press the button without a very high confidence of a lack of caveats (such as being immune to anestetic! that would be fairly bad). in such a case, I am still unsure if I would press it. I would never see release from my thoughts into unconsciousness, which may significantly deteriorate my mental health (bar zhfg gura pbafvqre… jung eryrnfr erznvaf?).

2023 04 25 04:20:44

Re: which music are you talking about? the things on my youtube channel?


ah, well, I made most of it in audacity, but I made some of it in other things. I want to make more music, but I find music quite difficult to make.

2023 04 25 01:57:19

do you prefer apples or oranges?

I prefer oranges.

2023 04 23 07:54:44

what are you thoughts on spelling? do you care when people spell things incorectly?

descriptivism is the only model of language which is not nonsensical, but I would be lying if I were not sometimes bothered by the way people spell things. this does not translate into me uselessly and obnoxiously prescribing them to change the spelling of an IM message or email, but you can misspell things, even in a descriptive measure, and it is better for clarity if you spell things comprehensibly when you are publishing something.

2023 04 22 13:15:26

Which are more powerful? Memetic Apioforms or Apiogigaforms?

apples and oranges

2023 04 18 21:37:14

whats the date of the time when im reading this question

you could have read it at any time before 2023-04-18 21:37:14.

2023 04 17 08:03:23

which irc client thing do you use


2023 04 17 01:36:09

what keyboard layout do you use? if the keyboard layout is qwerty, have you ever considered using a different layout, and what caused you to stick to qwerty? if the keyboard layout is not qwerty, what made you choose your layout, and how long did it take to learn that layout?

I’ve considered other keyboard layouts, and I have determined that switching is not worth the initial effort to learn the layout combined with the continual effort of dealing poor software support. the benefits seem too nebulous, for me, to outweigh this effort.

2023 04 16 21:33:53

toki ni li lon ala lon: sina sona ala e ona, taso sina wile sona e ona. toki ni li lon la, ona li seme?

mi wile sona e ijo mute mute.

2023 04 16 20:54:52

roughly how long is between new johnvertisment submissions? how many johnvertisment submissions are rejected?

it can range from days to weeks to multiple in the same day. exceedingly few submissions are rejected.

2023 04 16 03:08:05

if you were a regular n-polytope, where n is not 3, or 7, what is n?


2023 04 16 02:55:54

what are your thoughts on time? relatedly, what are your thoughts on space?

time is fickle. space is intangible.

2023 04 16 02:54:22

which operating system do you use

debian. I may switch to another linux.

2023 04 13 15:31:06

whats ur favorite unicode character


2023 04 12 18:45:23

I enjoy your writing style. is this writing style a result of conscious effort or is it your natural writing style?

I have cultivated it intentionally, but it is what I find natural at this point, and it is what I use unless I exert conscious effort.

2023 04 12 01:45:23

lukin pi sitelen toki sina li seme?

ni pi sitelen pona en ni pi sitelen sitelen li seme?

ilo sitelen seme li pona tawa sina?

lukin pi sitelen mi li ni: ꙮꙮꙮꙮꙮꙮꙮꙮꙮ.

mi sitelen pona lili li sitelen sitelen ala. mi kepeken ilo sitelen nena la lili la mi ken sitelen pona.

suli la ilo sitelen nena li pona tawa mi. mi sitelen lon lipu la ilo sitelen telo li pona lon lawa mi. taso mi sitelen ike mute. ni la mi kepeken ilo sitelen telo la sitelen mi li ike mute mute lukin. sitelen ale mi li kama sama nimi jaki tan sitelen pona.

2023 04 12 01:40:12

what does your handwriting look like?

somewhat relatedly, what is your favourite english pangram?

it looks bad. I prefer typing.

I don’t know many pangrams. I should find/make one I like.

2023 04 08 06:14:12

opinion on saponification (process) and saponification (word)

I don’t know much about saponification, but I think it’s probably quite cool. I enjoy crafts, and soapmaking seems like an interesting and ancient craft.

the word is phonæsthetically quite great.

2023 04 04 23:19:40

if you had to choose one to be, which?


2023 04 01 23:50:02

mi sona e ni: sina sona e toki pona e toki English. sina sona e toki ante anu seme? sina sona e toki ante la, toki ni li seme? wawa sina pi toki ni li seme?

mi sona lon e toki Inli e toki pona taso. tenpo pini la mi wile sona e toki Kansi. ni li tan pi nimi mi (citrons (lemons)).

tenpo ale la mi wile sona e toki mute ante. taso wawa pali mi li lili. toki pona li lili la mi ken sona suli e ona. taso toki ante la ken pi tenpo pini pi tenpo ni li lili. tenpo kama la mi o ante.

2023 03 31 20:31:04

kulupu pi toki pona li lon. sina lon ala lon kulupu ni? sina lon la, lon ni li suli anu lili anu seme?

tenpo pini la mi lon suli. tenpo ni la mi lon lili.

tenpo pini la mi lon ma pona lon ilo Teko. mi kama lon ona la ona li kulupu lili (~100 lon ken). tenpo pini ni la ilo Teko li pona tawa mi la mi toki lon ona lon tenpo ale. taso tenpo ni la ilo Teko li ike tawa mi. ma pona li suli pi mute mute la mi pilin ike! a a a.

pilin mi la toki pona o lon ilo pona. toki pona o lon forum o lon ilo XMPP o lon ilo Matrix o lon ilo sama ni. ona o lon ala ilo ike pi ike mute. kin la kulupu o suli ala pi mute mute. kulupu suli li pona pona ala. kulupu o mute o lili.

2023 03 31 06:13:04

what is the worse piece of media you willingly consumed

harry potter

2023 03 31 06:12:00

which generation of toyota corolla is your favourite


2023 03 31 06:10:33

whats your favourite and least favourite time of the day? why?

my least favorite time of day is likely 06. if one wakes up at this time, it’s too early. if one goes to sleep, it’s too late. my favorite time of day is likely 18. it’s the most relaxed for me, generally.

2023 03 29 20:31:09

what word editing computer document modification tool office suite thing do you use


2023 03 29 19:36:48

what are your pronouns i cannot find them anywhere here


2023 03 27 05:53:49

favourite word you never (or very rarely) have an opportunity to use


2023 03 27 05:51:05

what is something i wouldntve known about you if i hadnt asked this question

well, I don’t know who you are, so I don’t know what you know about me. did you know I’m vegetarian?

2023 03 26 16:37:35

Wood u ever consider settlin' down?

I’m settled.

2023 03 26 10:16:35

cool glasses :) ? (unpronounced meaningless question mark to make this eligible to be posted here)


2023 03 22 21:24:52

have you ever eaten lemon raw, on its own? if so, what were your thoughts on this?

I’ve done so many times. I don’t do so often because it is bad for one’s teeth. however, I find it to be an enjoyable experience. you can peel them like oranges and pull apart their segments in exactly the same way. upon consumption, one is met with impeccable sourness.

2023 03 22 18:10:23

Didn’t you have a B compiler? I don’t see it on your git (anymore)

I was attempting to do that indeed. I didn’t get very far whatsoever, and I didn’t have much useful code in the repository, so I took it down. I wanted to clear out all of the predominantly empty repositories on my site.

2023 03 22 17:49:29

Who eated the bees?


2023 03 22 01:27:11

sina sona e nasin pi ilo sona • nasin seme la sina kama sona e ni • mi wile kama sona e ni la mi o seme •

sona mi li ni: sona pona li tan pali. sina wile sona pali e ijo la o pali e ona. ni li nasin taso pi sona mi. o pali a e ilo pi wile sina!

2023 03 22 01:19:22

which is your favourite set (mathematics)?

it might be a bland choice, but I enjoy the set of all sets which do not contain themselves.

2023 03 22 01:09:51

generally speaking, what is your opinion on the phrase "generally speaking,"

it’s nice, but it can be overused.

2023 03 22 01:09:29

generally speaking, what is your opinion on superlatives

they’re the best.

2023 03 22 01:04:52

goodbye lemons how arent you yesterday

I did not die yesterday.

2023 03 22 01:01:10

how easy/difficult do you find it to rotate objects in your mind? can you easily rotate something around each of its axes at the same time (in your mind)?

I can rotate an object in around multiple axes in my mind. though, my mental visualizations are not particularly vivid.

2023 03 22 00:55:32

opinion on cats

good animal

2023 03 20 11:08:02

heyo its the JizzMail girlie. we only really talked once or twice i believe. i always talked through a layer of JizzMail. i just wanted to say that i always kinda looked up to you as someone who did a lot of really cool things. every so often I come back to check in on your various projects and always find myself entrapped and fascinated for a few hours.

- Lily

hi! I really, really am flattered and appreciate that you enjoy my work! I admire yours as well! I should use my JizzMail email more often.

2023 03 09 19:13:23

what is todays date


2023 03 09 19:06:41

favourite wikipedia articles?

there are many good ones. I have trouble enumerating things, but I can think of bisexual lighting off the top of my head as an example of an article I enjoy.

2023 03 06 20:59:14

opinion on the left hand? what about the hand that the? or, even, the þeight hand? opinion on hands?

I’m actually a very big fan of hands. the left hand is quite important, just as the right.

2023 03 05 21:46:20

opinion on seximal

senary is fine. I don’t ever have a reason to use it, unlike bases which are powers of two.

2023 03 04 23:52:54

how many questions is too many questions

this is indeterminable.

2023 03 04 23:52:41

given the approaching return of wiki encyclopedia, can you share what happened to wiki encyclopedia that caused it to be lost in the first place?


2023 03 04 09:00:44

is your site selfhosted, hosted with a hosting provider or hosted by the void?

it’s selfhosted.

2023 03 02 17:58:49

ok but who are you really, you seem kinda mysterious

you can get to know me with a little bit of effort.

2023 03 02 06:16:52

i assume that there are some questions that have been asked here that you havent answered. what sort of questions are these, usually?

I usually answer everything, but I don’t usually answer:

  1. submissions that are not questions (or at least, useful or nice comments)
  2. questions posed already

2023 03 02 06:16:21

does the timestamp of the question refer to when the question was asked or answered? if when it was answered, can you see when a question was asked?

the timestamp is when the question is asked. sometimes, there is a significant delay between questions being asked and their being answered. for instance, I am answering this question at 2023-03-28 02:13:50.

2023 02 28 05:05:50

opinion on wikipedia

I like reading wikipedia.

2023 02 27 08:09:52

through everything in life do you really believe that its possible for someone who was once insufferable to become uninsufferable

it’s quite plausible to do that.

2023 02 25 22:40:51

how does one do the when the keeps on the the thing that the was going to the when the??? we keep running into the problem of the when we have the.

one must keep in mind that the.

2023 02 25 22:33:01

whats the upper limmit to how many questions you would prefer for one person to ask you per amountt of time/?

I’m not sure. just keep it within a value that you can expect me to answer in a reasonable amount of time, and keep the questions high quality.

2023 02 25 22:29:44

do you have a favourite paradox? what about a least favourite paradox?

this requires a lot of thought to answer. I’ll come back to this.

2023 02 25 22:20:18

mu. mu?

mu a

2023 02 25 06:14:02

which internet browsering machine based software device things for viewing and interacting with the internet do you use


2023 02 25 04:26:23

what is your opinion on meaning?

ooh, I have lots of opinions on meaning. stay tuned; I may publish them here on my site!

2023 02 25 04:24:10

at some point in the n-dimensional times between now and when all is not that which it was when, you (or someone somewhat like you - my sources are unreliable) will be the

I think this is accurate.

2023 02 25 04:13:37

where could i find something that you hate but do not wish for it not to be shared

I have no idea.

2023 02 25 03:59:34

what was

XSS as a service

2023 02 25 03:58:29

the old version of this website thats linked in "other places" doesnt work :(

is there another way i could see it

it’s annoying to keep up and also broken. in any case, it’s on the web archive. see also.

2023 02 25 03:53:54

exactly (or roughly, if you must), how many johnvertisements are in circulation at the current time?

what governs the appearances of different johnvertisements?

there are 150 johnvertisements presently. the algorithms behind johnvertising are not to be revealed.

2023 02 25 03:48:01

what sort of music did you like in five years and what sort of music will you like eighty three years ago


2023 02 25 03:46:59

opinion on mind spiders?

they’re inevitable.

2023 02 25 03:36:47

what is your least favourite number? what is your least favourite number of things? if these are the same, why?

hmm. this may be a cop-out, but I’m not really sure that I can name a least favorite number.

2023 02 25 03:34:47

sina lon. ijo lon li lon lon ale. ijo ni li lon sina la ona li lon pi mute seme?

ijo li lon la ijo li lon.

2023 02 25 03:30:23

what is wiki encyclopedia

it’s a very incredibly real encyclopedia that anyone* can edit.

2023 02 25 03:28:38

if you had to, would you?

I might.

2023 02 25 03:22:11

How do you make the music that you make? Where do I find more of it?

which music are you talking about? the things on my youtube channel?

2023 02 23 10:58:12

who r u sir

well, whoever I am, I’m not a sir.

2023 02 21 13:42:46

I saw you have been doing for a while and I became jealous! I also want to know how to do. Seriously, how do I do? Because when you I saw you became happy so I also want to.

to be honest, I don’t actually find it to be so simple. I do wonder how constantly. when I muster it, I don’t actually understand the means by which I do.

2023 02 21 13:15:40

how many bees a day?


2023 02 17 06:10:22

opinion on AI (f)art? also cool website, have a nice weekend :-)

opinion: it’s funny.


2023 02 08 23:10:19

what happened that caused this website to go down?

ISP outage

2022 12 29 04:41:14

how do you?

I usually simply.

2022 12 25 23:34:14

favorite homestuck character? favorite troll? davekat supremacy?

I haven’t read much homestuck. knowing next to nothing about her, I will say that my favorite character is vriska. vriska is everyone’s favorite character, obviously.

2022 12 25 06:19:42

are you aware of the?


2022 12 25 06:19:30

do you think the?


2022 12 20 22:34:45

do you enjoy tea or coffee or both or neither?

I enjoy tea. I have not had much coffee, but I have found the taste quite nice. I would like to try more, but I would have to drink decaffenated coffee, as the high amount of caffiene makes me feel sick, and I would probably not like to get addicted to it. although, I don’t know to what extent this affects the flavor.

2022 12 20 20:23:03

what is your favourite video file format? if this is too difficult, what is your least favourite video file format?

I’m not too sure about either. I don’t actually know very much about video file formats. however, pertaining to file formats per se, most video file formats are just containers, and inside, there can be data in any number of encodings. I would say that the encodings themselves are more interesting than the container, but I don’t really know much about them either.

2022 12 20 20:22:49

what is your favourite audio file format? if this is too difficult, what is your least favourite audio file format?

I like my music encoded in FLAC.

2022 12 20 20:22:33

what is your favourite image file format? if this is too difficult, what is your least favourite image file format?

my favorite image format is PPM (specifically P6); it is the easiest to manipulate with code. of course, it is not very efficient. if you gzipped them, however, would it actually be worse than PNG? I ought to test. maybe gzipped PPMs will incurse.

2022 12 20 20:20:14

what is you opinions of emails

I like emails.

2022 12 20 20:01:34

jan li toki pona tawa sina la, ni li pona anu ike anu seme?

mi toki e wile sona mi la, mi o kepeken toki pona anu toki Inli anu seme?

jan li toki tawa mi kepeken toki pona la ni li pona.

2022 12 20 19:58:53

opinion on the interabang‽

I like it.

2022 12 20 19:57:20

opinions on capital letters?

I don’t have many.

2022 12 20 19:56:58

in the context of words in which multiple different spellings exist, which do you generally choose to use?

the one that I like the most æsthetically

2022 12 20 19:52:52

in general, what is your opinion on questions?

I like questions, generally.

2022 12 11 08:39:27

who is john and why does he make advertisements

john doesn’t make the advertisements. the identity of john is now known, but it is a secret.

2022 12 07 14:04:58

why didn't you answer my question

I likely forgot to.

2022 11 12 17:21:22

are you dead, living, or non-living?

I live.

2022 11 04 15:46:15

where am I, where on the internet am i. I fell down a rabbit hole i cannot escape

hi! I do enjoy furthering the spin of the web of hypertext. this is my personal webpage on which I place things of my desire.

2022 10 23 07:11:48

what is your least favourite type of fruit?

I’m presently struggling to think of a fruit I dislike.

2022 10 14 21:58:22

toki pona li kala la toki kala li seme

mu telo

2022 10 13 23:24:17

is it likely that wiki encyclopedia will ever become operational at a time in the future?


2022 10 13 00:01:07

How many lemons fit in a 1976 Citroen sedan?

I don’t know, but I want to. I will attempt to answer this question at a later date.

2022 10 09 10:25:27

according to the earth medical organi(s/z)ation association, you should eat ten thousand bees every day. are you?

everyone is always saying “consume bee” or “don’t consume bee”. however, no one really has a choice in the matter. bees exist in all of spacetime; everyone is consuming microbees and especially nanobees at all times. you’re breathing them, they’re in your bloodstream, they’re embedded in all of your tissue, and they’re obviously in any food you eat. since life evolved in the presence of bees, you probably couldn’t live without them.

2022 10 05 17:53:54

what is your opinion on lego batman


2022 10 05 16:47:43

It has been said that john has been located. Are you at liberty to divulge further information? If so, where is john?

john has been located. this is verifiable by three third parties, but I cannot reveal any details about the identity or location of john.

2022 10 04 14:46:14

when will the next census be conducted?

I am unsure. the census requires a lot of energy. as such, I do not often conduct it.

2022 10 04 13:22:58

how many citrons, approximately?

a citrons lemon census has not be conducted in 4 years. the last census was in the ballpark of 8 trillion.

2022 10 04 13:17:03

what's your favourite byte of size 1 byte?


2022 10 01 07:55:21

have you ever lived? if so, how would you describe the experience

I would describe living as painful but occaisionally rewarding.

2022 09 11 07:33:00

do you have any plans to visit unport?

I haven’t at the moment. I am terrestrially confined.

2022 09 10 02:47:19

what's your favorite file of size < 0.5 megabyte?

I cannot choose just one.

2022 08 22 02:11:13

do you wish for more or less questions

I wish for more.

2022 08 12 00:14:51

Approximately how many questions do you get asked via this page?

approximately the amount that are answered.

2022 07 28 19:01:29

Who is your least favourite question? How are they? Where can I find them?

someone who solicits opinions of their mass. I imagine they might be found “on the news” as this is where they may aspire to be.

2022 07 26 02:57:23

who is a john?

that’s what I’ve been asking.

2022 07 26 02:55:31

what is your opinion on lemon batteries?

I only extract energy from lemons using maximally efficient methods.

2022 07 17 21:50:31

Is the code that runs johnvertisement open source? If not that's totally understandable :3


usually, I would share, but that particular code isn’t public for a couple reasons.

2022 05 30 21:33:01

do you answer all questions given to you on this page?


2022 05 23 02:08:27

which one? we've been struggling to find one. the highest integer known presently is 7, which was created via number colliders. it's theorized to be prime and is highly unstable. higher numbers are, as far as i know, purely hypothetical.

I’m only aware of 7. godspeed

2022 05 20 16:16:46

is there an integer such that n > 7?


2022 05 16 00:56:55

Do you have my IP address? If so, what ISN'T it

it’s presumably in my logs, but I don’t know which one is yours. in any case, an IP address that is not yours is

2022 05 15 10:41:34

is hypnospace outlaw a cool game

I think so.

2022 05 14 17:35:35

is there a positive integer n such that n->n/2 if even and n->3n+1 otherwise will not result in a power of 2?

are there not many such integers?

2022 05 08 11:59:28

the heck isthis

questions page

2022 05 08 07:52:08

<u>what to ask

interesting questions

2022 05 03 13:43:15

what is that pink thing at the bottom of the page?

click it.

2022 04 21 17:18:56

why is the wiki down

it was literally stolen. I have recovered the device which hosted it, but the physical storage medium on which the wiki is stored is still being withheld from me.

2022 03 16 16:49:34

do you listen to music if so what is some music that you like

artists I like:

  • casiopea
  • talking heads and david byrne
  • dimension
  • t-square
  • vektroid
  • koenjihyakkei
  • c418
  • the mario kart band
  • bill wurtz
  • a number of others that fail to cross my mind at this time

2022 03 15 06:52:05

Can the "viewed with EYES" and "powered by the VOID" gifs be used on other sites?

due to my blatant theft of them, asdf jg hgklfjd gdfsm aldfm.

2022 03 03 09:55:40

How did you make this quite cool website? I would also like to

for hosting, I self-host from a small single-board computer with low power requirements. this involved connecting the computer to my router, configuring the router, and configuring nginx to serve the pages of my website.

for the content of my website itself, I use a few things. my main website at is generated using simple shell scripts that I wrote. I use a private git repository over ssh, and when I make changes, I push them, and I have a hook which runs the scripts to generate the HTML, which is then served by nginx.

interactive parts of my website often use CGI. to use CGI with nginx, I have to use a piece of software called fcgiwrap. the CGI scripts themselves are usually written in shell or lua. various things like the question page are simple enough such that they can be handled with a shell script, and so I like to do this as such because it is simpler than using something else. of course, some things, like zzcxz, are too complicated for shell to handle reasonably, and so I write them in languages such as lua.

some parts of my website, like still use flask, which is a python web framework. I dislike flask, so I don’t make new things in it, but I haven’t rewritten them.

self-hosting is quite cool and worthwhile in my opinion, but it might be hard to do or even impossible depending on your circumstances and skillset. in that case, you can use static hosting services or something like a VPS if you want to run interactive software. for static hosting, I hold neocities in high regard; though, I would recommend you explore other options as well, simply due to the fact that if everyone made their website on neocities, it would centralize the indie web, and that would be self-defeating. in any case, I do have a neocities page as well.

2022 03 02 14:15:59

is the auction to return someday?

auctioning will return to; though, it will be admittedly different.

2022 02 27 18:26:28

o lemons of the web

what is your wisdom

what is my gender

my wisdom is thus: char literals in the B programming language can contain up to four characters.

unfortunately, your gender is not ascertainable to me from an anonymous submission through an HTML form.

2022 02 22 11:35:23

is the source code for this questions thing available anywhere

it is now available here.

2022 02 19 20:11:00

Have you been black hat hacking TruttleCities?


2022 02 05 00:14:00

what's your favorite word in any language, and why?

vprtskvni — supposedly “I am peeling it” in georgian.

2022 02 04 00:22:42

what are your inspirations, in general and also for this site?

that’s a pretty good question. I am often quite inspired by my friends. I am also inspired by my fixations. I will often become extremely distracted by interesting webs of hypertext, e.g. wikipedia, people’s blogs/personal websites, etc. this can cause inspiration.

otherwise, I am inspired by random subconcious processes. ideas will form in my mind, and I will feel a certain way, almost like a physical sensation, indicating my new fascination with this object that has entered my awareness. because this happens relatively often, I have a “vimwiki” page (rendered in HTML here) dedicated to such events. because motivating myself is quite difficult, this list has accumulated despite my interest in realizing its ideas. there are also many things that I have come up with that have not made it to this list for various reasons. they are lost to time.

2022 01 16 09:47:25

hello lemons how are you today

I don’t know.

2022 01 14 22:42:42

u a furry?

I’m not.

2021 12 30 09:00:00

opinion on peanuts?

I like them.

2021 12 28 23:59:00

how often do you check this

I check this sporadically.

2021 12 27 22:54:06

am i trans


2021 12 25 11:46:36

bees apioforms li lon tomo sina la what would you do ?

that’s completely normal. they’re already there, as well as in all other areas of spacetime.

2021 12 10 21:00:16

thoughts on oranges?

I like how they taste.

2021 11 08 10:09:00

do you like among us?

I don’t.

2021 11 06 19:32:06

what are your opinions on stuff and things. also do you consider oranges to be on the same level as lemons spiritually

I do not consider oranges or lemons to be on a level spiritually.

2021 11 03 16:16:48

did jack eisenmann himself create the "DUO Adept" johnvertisement

he did not.

2021 11 01 09:14:25

what are your opinions on "lemony snicket"

I have not read the books, but I viewed the rendition featuring neil patrick harris. I enjoyed it significantly. it contains a very extremely specific type of absurdity that I am quite fond of but have difficulty describing.

2021 10 31 08:02:59

Why do you host bees?

there is no way that I can stop this, if I wanted to.

2021 10 28 13:16:47

thoughts on social media?

it’s utterly awful.

2021 10 24 06:45:49

oh no, the notes page does not work. ?

oh interesting. I will fix that sometime.

2021 10 20 18:57:17

what exactly is <b><i>GEORGE</i></b>

I’m not sure that anyone knows what GEORGE really is. some say that GEORGE is a webring. however, in my expert opinion, that is not everything that GEORGE is.


2021 10 20 00:03:28

hello "citron", this is a followup to my earlier question

.thank you for answering.

m y next question is this: are bees insects or robots?

thanks in advance

bees are insects according to my understanding.

2021 10 18 22:47:04

nimi tawa lon sewi lipu li kama tan seme

tenpo ni la toki wan lon ona li tan lipu Wikipesija. toki ante lon ona li tan ante.

2021 10 18 22:46:34

whats the best dril tweet

‘This Whole Thing Smacks Of Gender,’ i holler as i overturn my uncle’s barbeque grill and turn the 4th of July into the 4th of Shit

2021 10 18 22:43:54

whats the funniest Thing


2021 10 18 21:47:00

do you have a habit/routine that you do that makes you feel good? if so, what is it?

I like observing videos with people casually talking/doing things for a long time. videos like this include computerphile videos, especially ones featuring professor brailsford (I love those) and certain video game stream archives.

2021 10 18 19:44:05

1. ywn fyl witxiq cif wot nuy cas twr ywn buy vötgil?

2. YwnFylWitXiqCif"NuyCasTwrYwnBuyVötgilBuyÐytFisRitNiqWey"?

wot ritniq vötgil buy ritniqwey wim prssis kandan wotwot viz coytid. vötgilcasniq viz vergwdxiq.

2021 10 18 17:31:57

báa ril tháa ne?

what language is this?

2021 10 18 01:53:07

is it true that limes are just green lemons? i keep asking but the fruit sellers just laugh at me

this is false. green lemons are something else.

2021 10 17 23:27:49

where can one obtain lemons?

seek your local produce outlet. they may also be obtained from the

2021 10 17 22:20:59

if you were to picture yourself as a prism, what shape would you be

dodecagrammic prism

2021 10 17 22:16:17

what is your favorite regional restaurant chain?

hmm what qualifies as a restaurant chain? a certain restaurant named after a flower in a certain city that starts with “au” is one that I have some amount of fondness for, I suppose. it has two locations, I think. does this make it count as a “chain”? I am unsure if I have a favorite restaurant chain.

if we do not preclude restaurants without multiple locations, there is this certain asian restaurant which starts with a “kor” and ends with an “e” that I like quite a bit.

I might be forgetting something.

2021 10 17 19:09:04

What's the last thing you memorized perfectly?

I’m not sure I remember. it was probably an IP address of some sort or something related to horses.

2021 10 17 19:05:11

Hewwo! *nuzzles you excitedly* How do you feel about kitty cats?~ ^u^

I enjoy cats.

2021 10 17 15:05:26

HEY EVERY            ! ITS ME, SPAMTON G.            SPAMTON

I feel distinctly as if kromer is leaving my possesion.

2021 10 17 05:00:04

why is the

this is due to

2021 10 16 23:10:01

what are your thoughts on vötgil compared to breadspeak

I know surprisingly little about breadspeak. I should fix this.

2021 10 16 20:47:21

I agree.

2021 10 16 20:47:02

how guarded against XSS is this page?

it would not be possible even if I did not supervise the content when it is added to the page. only three characters must be replaced to effectively escape HTML.

2021 10 16 15:04:42

thoughts on lemons?


2021 10 16 15:04:25

toki pona li toki pona anu seme?

toki pona li kala.

2021 10 16 09:23:44

tlhɪngan Hol Dajatlh'a'?


2021 10 16 03:04:27

hello "citron", what is this question?

hi. the contents of this question are: ‘hello “citron”, what is this question?’.

2021 10 16 02:41:42

nth or n-th


2021 10 16 02:38:22

amazing. a final question: will this questions page turn out to be the center of an ARG or similar complex plot?


and do you have connections with any otherworldly entities?

no comment

2021 10 16 02:30:05

it's regrettable that you still cannot tell who I am. but what is your favourite type of citrous fruit?

I’m impartial to clementines and navel oranges.

2021 10 16 02:26:39

who do you think I am?

that's the question, but it's a little short for you to be able to properly tell who I am. so I guess I should probably say some other stuff as well to clue you into my identity.

too bad, I can't think of anything. good luck, "citrons".

I still cannot tell who you are. regardless, this page is anonymous.

2021 10 16 02:16:39

do you like chiptune? if so, would you consider yourself a “purist” (must be playable on real hardware) or a “pan enjoyer” (as long as the music is good it’s good)?

I do enjoy chiptune music. I certainly find it cool when a song conforms to interesting hardware constraints. however, the absence of such constraints does not preclude my enjoyment of a piece of music.

also who's your favorite artist?

I have not listened to enough chiptune in an intentional manner to have a favorite artist.

2021 10 16 02:13:05

re: do you like me

so that's a no, then?

you did not, evidentally, read my answer.

2021 10 16 02:05:28

favorite song from They Might Be Giants?

the song about istanbul. there might be one that I like better that I am forgetting.

2021 10 16 01:58:45

picture your ideal programming language. what is your ideal design for the string types in this language? for example, Python has `str` for Unicode text and `bytes` for bytestrings. Rust has too many to count. Haskell has `String`, which is a linked list of 32-bit `Char`s and is terrible, and a UTF-16 `Text` type which is slightly less terrible. what is the situation for your ideal programming language?

my ideal string type depends on the rest of the programming language. for instance, depending on the way that the programming language works, I may or may not want the strings to be interned vs just lists of characters. regardless, I like string types that are sequences of codepoints, the storage details of which are abstracted away. also, a separate type for binary data is desirable.

2021 10 16 01:56:42

do you like me

I have no way of knowing who you are. therefore, I cannot make a conclusion about this.

2021 10 16 01:51:21

where do the answers to these questions go

on this page

2021 10 16 01:48:36

is this annoying you, all these questions?

not particularly. however, this is not an invitation to ask annoying questions.

2021 10 16 01:44:08

why do you like french so much

circumstance. it also is fun to pronounce. I don’t actually know french very well.

2021 10 16 01:40:49

alphabet sorted from favorite letter to least favorite letter


2021 10 16 01:39:17

what are good questions to ask in a question box such as this one

questions that are fun to answer/read the answers to

2021 10 16 01:36:27



2021 10 16 01:35:40

what genres/styles of music do you prefer

I am never able to answer this question in a way that satisfies me, despite the fact that there is probably an accurate answer. recently, I have been listening to the same four/five casiopea albums shuffled together, repeatedly.

2021 10 16 01:35:16

is this question thinghy inspired by bill wurtz


2021 10 16 01:34:07

who asked this question

I have no idea.

2021 10 16 01:32:55