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from the late “wiki encyclopedia”:

Apioforms are hostile apioids found in 93.34% of spacetime. They have been known to attack various lifeforms, avoiding them is advised. Increased activity has been shown when it is perceived to be night or some equivalent by sentient beings nearby. Antimemetic properties have been detected; experiments show that apioforms are very difficult to perceive unless being attacked by them, for unknown reasons.

despite popular belief, not all bees are apioforms. bees are, however, a type of apioid.

colloquial usage

the words “apioform”, “apioid”, and “bee” may be used colloquially as an insult or random placeholder. this has been documented on urban dictionary to great acclaim (59,141 thumbs up as of 2022-12-21), the definition lauded by some as “literally apioform”. the apiolinguistic spread of the usage of these terms in this manner is believed to be due to their apiomemetic properties.

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why did you make this page?

the purpose of this page is to ensure the existence of a reliable source on apioforms within the public consciousness. apiology is a paradoxically obscure field considering the presence of memetic apioforms in the fundamental apiostructure of the universe. despite this, there is an amount of misinformation, somewhat propelled by the existence of SEO. nonetheless, apioforms incurse.